The Land We're On

Zip Code East Bay is based on traditional Lisjan Ohlone land. This land has a deep history and a community of people who have lived here for thousands of years. Indigenous people are not relics of the past.

The Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led land trust that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people.

In support of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, Zip Code East Bay pays a voluntary Institutional Shuumi Land Tax. This tax supports the critical work of rematriation, returning Indigenous land to Indigenous people. Shuumi means gift in the Ohlone language Chochenyo. We encourage all community members to support this organization by giving Shuumi yearly.

“Through the practices of rematriation, cultural revitalization, and land restoration, Sogorea Te’ calls on native and non-native peoples to heal and transform the legacies of colonization, genocide, and patriarchy and to do the work our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do.”
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust